Hello, World.

My name is Donald Derek. People call me Donald, or Derek! I'm a graduate student in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Laboratory with the Responsive Environment group [resenv] led by Prof. Joe Paradiso.

Interested in: Mixed-Reality, Electronic Music Interfaces, Computer "Security" and the Human Mind.

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//FEB 2014

A modular sensor node and a Twitter bot!

Beamio captures images and senses the environment. It responds to the world via the Twitter stream API.

The prototype was deployed at the MIT Media Lab Workshop on Feb. 2014 - Abu Dhabi.

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The Raspberry Pi TV

//JUN 2013

aka Pirate TV

Pirate TV is a smart television application that runs on the Raspberry Pi. Built with Node.js and shipped with a free remote controller, your mobile device.

Featured on:Hackaday, Adafruit and others

Tutorial: DIY smart-tv.


//MAY 2013

Post Armageddon Communication System.

PACS is a self-deployed mesh network of helium balloons that provides a platform of communication in case of big emergencies.

PACS is a conceptual project, it was never prototyped. Part of the 2014 UNICEF Challenge.

Arab Angels

//APR 2013

Where starters & investors intersect.

Arab Angels is an initiative that started by Mme. Hala Fadel and Mr. Ahmad Takatkah in 2013. The project was designed to connect entrepreneurs with angel investors in the Arab world.

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JavaScript Revolution

//OCT 2013

May the source be with you.

A series of workshops and code labs titled JS Revolution. It started as a lightning talk at Arabnet Code and Design day 2013, then it manifested into an full day workshop at Co-working 961 and another code lab session at Arabnet Devtour 2014 read more.

Startup Weekend Byblos II

//NOV 2013

No talk, all Action.

Facilitated and organized a Startup Weekend event in my home city Byblos. The event happened on Nov 15-17 2013 at the Lebanese American University Byblos campus. 11 teams competed and the best one stood up. read more.

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//MAR 2013

Meeneeme is your Meeneeyou

Meeneeme is a Tamagotshi game that is based on your social activities. It was built during Startup Weekend Byblos I. Meeneeme is a pixelated avatar of yourself that interacts according to your daily activities published on social media. For instance, constant check-in with Foursquare at the gym will keep you Meeneeme fit and healthy.

Winner of Startup Weekend Byblos I

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//OCT 2012

Experimental online music players.

N!MP 1.0 (demo) is a Jamendo music player built in few hours at the final round of the Arabnet Devtour 2012.

N!MP 2.0 (demo) is a custom SoundCloud music player where the track comments are being visualized instantaneously.

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EyeEm re-filters

//AUG 2012

Create psychedelic photos.

An experimental mini project done with EyeEm's API and CSS3 Filters. The intention was to create psychedelic images by apply new filers on existing EyeEm photos. (demo)